Providing Confidence In Security

Working alongside Cyber Security professionals & Social Engineers providing a three dimensional assessment of an organisations  security systems, protocols and culture.


Eclectic Security is a team of former military professionals specialising in physical security infiltration (penetration) tests. 

Using techniques deployed by professional criminals Eclectic security carry out simulated attacks on physical security  with the purpose of identifying  vulnerabilities in a physical security system. Recommendations and training on mitigating any areas of concern are carried out, before an attacker has chance to exploit any weaknesses. 

Working in partnership with colleagues in cyber security and social engineering, we can provide a thorough assessment of a clients physical, digital and human security systems. Together with any business protocols and culture, we give a completely three dimensional security assessment.

What is a physical security infiltration (Penetration ) Test

Organisations often overlook the physical security of their businesses, instead focusing on cyber security. Large amounts of resources are spent verifying their  network is secure from vulnerabilities.  Investment is usually in the form of firewalls and intrusion prevention systems, which are important but are ineffective if an attacker can walk into the building and steal the data from an unlocked terminal, or place a USB stick with malware onto a terminal. 

An organisation also has to protect its people, assets and property, however it is short-sighted to have security measures such as access control systems, responsive alarm monitoring and security guards if they are not being used correctly. Our physical security infiltration (penetration) test is designed to find and exploit the vulnerabilities within an organisations’ physical controls and barriers. 

Tests may include:

  • Surveillance and monitoring: Looking for vulnerabilities in the manned guard or the culture of the organisation. 
  • Infiltration teams: Looking for flaws in the organisations’ security systems such as mechanical locks,  access control systems, CCTV, alarms and doors. 
  • Social engineers: Looking for human behavioural weakness that may impact on security breaches. 
  • Cyber penetration testers: Looking for vulnerabilities in IT security. 

All tests are designed to discover any weaknesses within an organisation which could be exploited by an attacker for malicious purposes. They will be carried out at strategic times of the day and night.

Eclectic Security Infiltration Team (ESIT)

Eclectics physical security Infiltration testing is carried out by our team of handpicked specialists which we call ESIT (Eclectic Security Infiltration Team)  We work alongside Cyber penetration testers but our areas of expertise differ considerably and so we differentiate ourselves so as not to cause confusion by using the term Infiltration instead of Penetration.

ESIT is made up of a team of experts in different fields such as surveillance, professional lock-pickers and security system bypass experts , access control, alarm and CCTV technicians, covert op specialists, reconnaissance experts to name a few, each team member has been handpicked for their skills and experience and most have former military or police backgrounds.

We work very closely with professional Social engineers who are experts in the field of human hacking giving us and them an added tool when carrying out a test together.

Our Partners

Social engineers

 Social Engineering is the manipulation of a person or persons through psychological or non-technical means, in order to gain access to finance, data, information or even physical access to premises or goods.  It’s a “people hack” because it uses human beings rather than technology as the basis for an attack.

 Cyber penetration testers

A cyber penetration test, also known as a pen test, is an authorised simulated attack on a computer system, performed to evaluate the security of the system. The test is performed to identify both weaknesses (also referred to as vulnerabilities), including the potential for unauthorised parties to gain access to the system’s features and data, as well as strengths, enabling a full risk assessment to be completed. 

Eclectic Security Service Team (ESST)

Eclectic security provide an installation service for your security needs, we have researched our products and hand-picked them for strength of Security, reliability, user friendliness and for being future proof, all our hand-picked systems are manufactured in the United Kingdom and have all been researched and tested by our infiltration team and installers prior to being chosen as our system of choice.


Intruder Alarms

Orisec is our intruder alarm of choice, a professional alarm system by the UK’s leading developer and manufacturer of intruder alarm equipment.

For those requiring a full comms integration with their Intruder alarm system then we can provide this with our choice of manufacturer being Webway

CCTV and Biometric Solutions

Genie is our choice when it comes to CCTV and biometrics,  another UK leading developer and manufacturer providing high end solutions and service

Digital Privacy and Communications

HM-Network are our choice provider of digital privacy and communications, a pro-active and professional company with a can do attitude

Our Approach


Eclectic security provide a bespoke service to each client, we understand that each organisation is different and has its own particular security needs, systems, procedures and concerns this is why our team of experts will work with you before a test so we can understand your concerns, your culture and what it is you are wanting to achieve from a test. From this initial consultation our team will tailor a physical penetration test fully and personally designed for your organisation to see which vulnerabilities we can expose in your Security.

On completion of any test we will provide a full report highlighting areas of concern within your organisations physical security, from this we will work with you giving recommendations on how these vulnerabilities can be addressed, we will offer educational briefs to your team on how they can implement changes to increase security and we can provide full installations or upgrades of current security systems such as electronic access control, CCTV, alarms and mechanical locks if these are found to be inadequate during the test.

ESIT can work independently to simply test your physical security but we also partner with some leading experts in Social engineering and cyber penetration testing for those clients who would like a complete and comprehensive test of their entire organisation’s security systems, protocols, counter-measures and culture.

Mission Statement


We provide professional simulated physical security Infiltration tests using criminal techniques in an ethical way with the purpose of discovering vulnerabilities in current physical security systems, protocols and cultures and  provide consultancy and training in order to help protect you from malicious criminals who could use similar techniques intent on causing damage, theft or harm to your people, assets or property. We also provide professional security system installations such as CCTV, Intruder alarms and Biometric door entry using leading brands so as to help provide the highest levels of security to each clients property, assets and people. 



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