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Our expertise


Eclectic Security have a wealth of experience when it comes to security, the majority of Eclectic Security Infiltration team (ESIT) have strong military or police backgrounds and a wide range of skill-sets that are utilised when carrying out a test, from non destructive entry techniques such as lock picking to bypassing of electronic access control systems including cctv and the use of social engineers in such a way as to test the human factor of a clients security, we also use other techniques which we keep close to our chest for security reasons


Our team work closely with some of the UK’s leading Cyber penetration testers and with experts in Social Engineering. As a result we can offer our clients a complete end to end security package. We also work closely with other industry experts in areas and not limited to the likes of electronic access control systems, CCTV, security alarms, sensors and mechanical locking systems giving Eclectic Security access to a whole range of information and skills to bring to bare during a Security Infiltration Test


On completion of a Security Infiltration Test  a full & comprehensive report will be produced to illustrate areas of concern with our clients security measures. We can offer training to educate staff on how to be more security savvy. If requested we can work alongside the client to assist in upgrading any current systems such as mechanical locks, Access control, CCTV, alarms or IT Security. This is optional and the client is welcome to source their own if they wish or if indeed if it is needed


“Our team will work closely with each client to understand their business and security concerns from the off set, the client will have our full focus during any security infiltration test, we understand that each client will have different areas of concern & different security systems & protocols in place and so we will make sure we completely get to know each client before commencing so that the client will feel fully confident that they are receiving a tailored test designed uniquely for their specific needs.”



We pride ourselves on our customer care and being professional in everything we do. All in all we have purposely built up a complete team of professionals with the wide range of skills & experiences needed to carry out a specialised infiltration test. 

Our Mission

Eclectic Security have a passion for security and finding vulnerabilities in security systems and protocols. Our purpose is to is to test existing security for clients and to educate them on how to improve their current measures to help protect their assets and people.



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