About us


To understand how Eclectic security and our partners can achieve robust physical security assessments and measures for an organisation or individual you need to know a bit about us. Here we give you a bit of information about who we are.


Established in 2014 by Directors Brian & Quin, both military veterans with a range of security skills and years of experience between them.

Why are we called Eclectic security?

The word eclectic means “deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources”.

When first creating the company we did not want to be defined by a narrow range of services or products. We had a desire to build a company that provided a range of services using  best practices and innovative products.

We wanted to offer our customers whatever was best for their individual needs and circumstances. To achieve this we needed an open mindset and a thirst for knowledge. We needed to be up to date on best practices and a range of latest products. We needed a diverse team who could think outside the box.

A name for the company was needed, a name that would reflect our ethos, our personality, a name that would be about us. Eclectic was the word chosen to best describe who we are and so Eclectic security was born. Our logo is the company initials (e/s) combined to form a shield which symbolises our Physical security role.


Physical security assessors and Red Team

Our physical security assessors all have past military careers with a varied and often unique set of skills. These skills are implemented during an assessment and especially during our Red teaming service. Red teaming is a service not promoted, but one we are happy to talk about if asked.


As we realised that to offer some services we needed to work with experts in other fields. Partnering with other professionals who had complimenting skill-sets were the answer. Working with our chosen partners, we can provide a wider range of services to our customers. Our partners include cyber security specialists, web and telephony service providers and social engineers. All have a synergy with the services Eclectic security offer and working together we provide a truly Eclectic service.

If you would like the individual services from any of our partners, then please get in touch and we would be happy to put you in direct contact with them.


Please browse through our website or contact Eclectic security directly for more information about us or our services.