Door locks and security.

When adding or replacing door locks for improved security there is more to consider than just the lock itself. A  strong and secure lock that meets insurance standards is a must, but is not all to be considered. Money is wasted if installing a lock to a door that is weak or damaged. It is no good attempting to install locks to doors with weak or damaged door jambs (casing or door post).
A criminal intent on gaining access to a property won’t spend time picking locks like a professional locksmith . A criminal won’t worry whether they are going to cause damage to property. If the door itself is weak or the door jamb is weak then they will just force entry.
One weak point on any door is the area around the lock itself. The area around the lock is morticed and any force implied to the door is going to concentrate in this area. Another weak point is where the bolt of the lock enters the keep (Strike plate) in the door jamb. Both these areas will likely give way if forced. The lock itself may not break but the door or jamb most likely will.
The hinges of the door are often overlooked. If the hinges are external then have security hinges been used ? Have the correct size and type of screws been used for the weight of the door? Are all the securing screws in place? There are different types of hinges for different doors and for external doors you should be considering security hinges. Again these are only worth fitting if the door is strong and the door jamb is solid. The door frame should be checked to see if it is installed correctly. Are all securing bolts adequate for holding the frame in place, the frame should not move when pushed.
There are many considerations to take when adding or replacing a door lock for improved security. There are options to improve the strength and integrity or the door itself including the frames and hinges. Letterboxes can be another vulnerable area and these should be considered. Glass panels in or around the door should also be looked at. If you are thinking of adding a state of the art lock then this is definitely important, a step in improving security. However before proceeding it is advisable to step back and look at the existing door and frame beforehand. Adding a lock without considering the above could result in a false sense of security. It could be a waste of money and worst still  it could be leaving your property vulnerable to a break in.

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