Intruder Alarms

Protect your family home with the most advanced intruder alarms.

Wired & wireless intruder alarms available. The most inaccessible areas of any property can be secured in a neat, efficient and professional manner.

Maximum control over the alarm system, from the comfort of home and anywhere in the world.

Control Panels

The command centre of the system, with versions to secure every property from residential to large commercial.

Perimeter Detectors

A range of shock and contact detectors. Visible or hidden/covert versions available in 3 different colours to suit any interior.


Allowing the set and unset of the alarm system. Can be used to open and close garage doors/gates, trigger panic alarms, switch lights on and off and more.


A range of iOS & Android Apps allow full monitoring and control of the alarm system, including arming and disarming from anywhere in the world.

Motion Detectors

Over 20 different versions, with a range of technologies to suit any installation.


An extensive range of keypads, with a choice of finishes.

External Sounders

A visual and audible deterrent. Illuminated backlight option available.

Intruder Alarms with third party integration

WebWay is a global alarm transmission service provider that manage the secure delivery of alarms & events to monitoring centres. Communications professionals delivering 24/7 signalling and network surveillance to the security industry. Webway systems use the best technology, are designed to the latest standards and are proven in thousands of implementations.

The range of signalling products are more powerful, efficient and more feature packed than ever before. With a roaming 3G SIM as standard and access to the largest panel integration library for SIA signalling & UDL.

WebWay communicators are used by major retailers across the UK & Europe, in many high risk locations.

Product Benefits

Fully Approved

All products independently tested and certified to the highest European and UK Standards.

Smart Reporting

Dramatically reduces the single path failures to the ARC and key holder call outs at inconvenient times.

Fast & Secure Remote Service (UDL)

Access the panel and diagnose faults without the need to attend site directly.

Fully future proofed

Easily upgrade as requirements or technology change via expansion modules.

Image verification

Image verification triggered by your chosen alarm event.

Roaming SIM

Provided as standard, with intelligent roaming.

Network Firewall rule

Simple one rule port forwarding set up enabling polling, alarms and remote access to panels via WebWay.

Why does Eclectic security choose Orisec?

Because Orisec are a leading developer and manufacturer of intruder alarm equipment from the United Kingdom. They provide amazing customer service and are proactive in keeping at the forefront of intruder alarm technology.

For a full communications integration with the Orisec Intruder alarm system then Webway is the way to go.

If you wish to use another provider speak to our sales team who would be happy to help.