Modern CCTV is not just for security.

Apart from security, what can CCTV be used for?
There are more uses and benefits of modern CCTV systems other than security. Here will will discuss a few of those benefits.

Health and safety

CCTV can assist someone who has had an accident through no fault of their own when making a claim. It can be used to protect businesses from those trying to make false injury claims against them .
A good CCTV system can also assist management in monitoring dangerous practises in a workplace such as on factory floors.

People counting is another use of CCTV. This feature works well in facilities or venues where H&S state a maximum number of people allowed to enter. People counting can also be used in shops giving management an accurate reflection numbers visiting their stores. People counting is used to calculate the number of people both entering and leaving a configured area. Reports are created for analysis either daily, weekly, monthly or annually

Thermal imaging cameras have many uses. A good thermal imaging CCTV system can be set to send warnings potential fires starting when overheating is detected in a designated area. Emergency services and military often use thermal imaging to detect body heat. This is not only useful in finding someone being evasive but can be a tool used to search for vulnerable missing person.


The use of heat mapping in shops can be used monitor the most popular areas of their shop frequented by customers. Using this data can help establish which products are the most popular, which displays attract the most interest etc. By analysing data a plan can be developed by management to better lay out the store for higher sales of selected products.

Smart features

Modern CCTV systems have many smart features which can add value to any facility. Line crossing can send an alarm if an intruder crosses a designated line preset in the smart software. Intrusion detection can detect a person or object entering a designated area which has been set as out of bounds.
Object removal is a feature which can be set to trigger an alarm if a predesignated object is removed from an area.
Modern CCTV systems can be programmed to trigger alarms if unattended baggage is left. This security feature is often overlooked but can be a very valuable asset to any facility or venue.


All in all, a modern CCTV system can be a great asset for any facility or venue assisting in much more than security.
If you would like to discuss a CCTV system for your business or home and would like to know how it can be used, then please call our team at Eclectic Security .

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