Physical Security Awareness Training

Every business in every industry has assets to protect ranging from cash, data, property such as (machinery, tools, stock) and employees, the list goes on. One thing organisations have in common is that breaches of physical security can have a considerable impact on business (financially and reputationally).

Security breaches are often a result of human error. This could be down to errors during installation of security equipment such as CCTV, alarm systems/access controls or even individual error due to lack of security awareness.

Each individual in any organisation has a role to play in physical security.

Development of each individual employee’s security awareness through our training, provides them with the knowledge and basic skills needed to enhance your organisations physical security protection. The physical security awareness training will ensure they are constantly alert to possible breaches in security. They will develop an awareness of their own and other’s actions.

Training is informative, interesting and interactive. Each course will assist businesses develop a comprehensive plan that will reduce loss and improve overall security of assets and individuals.

Our Instructors

Eclectic security instructors, who are former military instructors with a wealth of experience in giving presentations to audiences of varying sizes and abilities.

Classes are a mixture of classroom presentations and discussions combined with an interactive practical Physical Security assessment.


The result

Students will end the course doing a basic physical security assessment of their own facility under our supervision. We have found that by producing their own physical security assessments students become acutely aware of their facilities security. They walk away feeling confident in assessing security during their working day and reporting on possible breaches or flaws which could result in a breach.

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