There cam be many problems with grey import CCTV. Many people are not  aware that certain cameras are region-specific. There are often Chinese region & Western Region cameras they must be used for the region they are intended for. There are numerous people encountering problems because  of CCTV bought online originally intended for the Chinese market.

Online shopping sites often allow unofficial third-party sellers to sell goods, luring `people unaware of certain CCTV manufacturers restrictions. This is known as the unofficial grey import route. The cameras are not designed to withstand British weather. Firmware updates will not work and can render the cameras or recorder unworkable. Official manufacturers won’t provide  technical support or a warranty for any grey import system.

There are some CCTV installers in the UK that offer these grey import cameras to their clients because they get them cheaper. These installers do not advise customers of the pitfalls that grey import will impose. These installers are only looking to increase profit margins at the customers expense. Always use a reputable installer that purchases cameras from an official UK supplier. If  buying a system it is advisable to research and be certain that the cameras are not Grey import.

Eclectic Security only use official systems provided for the UK market. CCTV may not be as cheap as some online shopping sites but all are guaranteed to give end users a hassle-free service for years.


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